Regional Earth System Predictability Research (RESPR)

Welcome to Regional Earth System Predictability Research (RESPR-pronounced Res-Per), a Member Business within The Enterprise Universe!

Dr. Stalker discusses the RESPR weather/climate simulation technology platform in a series of videos (from episode 14 through 18). Dr. Stalker is active on LinkedIn and Twitter also.

We, at RESPR, strongly believe and want to understand your problem fully before suggesting effective solutions for your project-scale efforts or countrywide mapping efforts. Our expertise and ability to customize solutions differentiate us from other mostly canned weather/climate products.

Multiple RESPR divisions have been created for different types of products shown below. Click the division of interest to you for further details.

  • WindForces is the wind energy assessment & forecasting division ready to produce wind data for energy assessment and forecasting for project-specific sites globally.

  • SunCloudConfluence is the solar energy assessment and forecasting division ready to produce solar data for energy assessment and forecasting for project-specific sites globally.

  • RESPR Climate Change Solutions is the climate crisis focused division ready to solve climate change related assessment, adaptation, and mitigation needs of all countries and territories. It will help countries understand their climate obligations under various Memoranda of Understanding, including the Paris Agreement.

Call to Action by all World Nations to:

  • Let the RESPR weather/climate simulation team develop the most crucial quantitative understanding of your country's natural resources (e.g., from wind, solar radiation, precipitation, etc.) and optimize the utilization of those resources and minimize losses (e.g., from natural disasters such as floods) at the same time for improved and robust economy for the long haul (In a recent video, Dr. Stalker talks about these aspects in depth to be accessed here).

  • Participate in the development of comprehensive global understanding into the climate change crisis and implement cost-effective and environmentally friendly mitigation measures and behavioral changes for a sustainable world.

Contact us at to discuss the nature of your problem(s) or issue(s) and how we may be able to devise and implement our customized solutions for you.

RESPR was founded by Dr. James Stalker, president & CEO, in 2002, the first of his many high-tech businesses that followed. Dr. Stalker saw the need for a suite of robust wind assessment and forecasting tools, as the other approaches in use then were quite inadequate and rudimentary. Dr. Stalker developed a line of wind assessment and forecasting products for the global wind industry by 2004. By the time these products were ready to roll out, three important phases of his technology development efforts had taken shape. Dr. Stalker describes phase 1 as the time of realization of the deficiency in the weather/climate science, i.e., the over reliance on spotty measurements of atmospheric state variables. Phase 2 essentially was about a consistent methodology, now known as the Stalker method, Dr. Stalker presented on in Boston at the American Meteorological Society (AMS), to overcome the deficiency he identified during phase 1. Dr. Stalker began implementing the Stalker method within the well-known (at least to the research community) Regional Atmospheric Modeling System (RAMS) at RESPR since 2004, when he also built his own High-Performance Computing (Beowulf) cluster from scratch (i.e., from hardware parts to open-source software resulting in a suite of customized cluster management techniques).

Product development efforts took on similar assessment and forecasting products for the global solar energy industry. The RESPR weather/climate simulation platform now is utilized from project-specific assessment and forecasting to countrywide and global assessment (known as the global mapping effort of significant focus currently) and forecasting. This global mapping effort is poised to address the climate change in a highly quantitative manner than currently possible so the RESPR solution approaches to addressing climate change will actually lead to desired outcomes. In a series of videos (view the link to the left), Dr. Stalker discusses many of the RESPR platform attributes, including the three additional layers of analysis, expertise, and application above and beyond the major data production layer. In its over 15-year existence, RESPR evolved from addressing individual customer needs (which it still meets) to the global climate crisis and we believe that that is what it takes to be able to address as daunting a task as the climate change.